Charlotte Tilbury Virgin: First Impressions


Yes, I admit it. I am a Charlotte Tilbury Virgin. I have never tried any of her products and have been DYING to as the quality looks impressive from what I have read on other blogs. Also, that packaging 😍👌

So, I did go on a little bit of a splurge buying 4 producrs.

The first two products I purchased was indeed the lipstick duo, consisting of lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect (which is a hella sassy name) and pink venus lip liner. I really like the colour, it’s really great for everyday looks. I am loving using the lip liner all over my lips it just seems to stay on forever!




Next up is a product that is always risky to buy without a sample but I have actually just ran out of my current foundation so I thought I would risk it for a biscuit and try out the Magic foundation which I have heard positive things about. I am VERY picky with my foundation as my skin can be a pain in the behind most of the time! But I was pleasantly surprised, this foundation is very hydrating and does not make my skin feel cakey and dry.



Finally, I couldn’t resist the eye shadow palette ‘The Uptown Girl’. The pigmentation is really great, but I have only used this once so far so I’m still yet to give a full opinion on it! But it does look gorg! And again, the packaging deserves a A+.



-Rachel Natasha xox


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