Home Decor: Bed Side Table

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all well! I haven’t posted a home decor post in a while! So I thought, Rachel, the time in now.

I’ve been loving my bed side table set up recently, so I thought I would post this now as when spring comes around I am sure I will change it again to get in to the summery vibes!

bedsidetable.jpgI’m loving this darkish wood at the moment, this bed side table is from The Range! It was so cheap and looks so lovely!

IMG_2202.jpgI’m not sure where these beautiful rose gold candle holders are from as they were a present from a friend, but I LOVE them! Inside the candles are Yankee Candle ‘Christmas Eve’. Yes, I know, Christmas is well and truly over but I’m still going through my Christmas collection of candles! They smell to darn good!


IMG_2208.jpgHere I keep my notebook where I doodle Ideas for posts and just general life stuff. And on top of that is my Diary which was also a gift (my friends must know my love for gold). Then on top of that I keep a cute little copper trinket holder which I am pretty sure is actually sold as a candle holder but It’s perfect for keeping my go to jewelry that I want to get quickly in the mornings without having to plunge through jewelry boxes!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I love everything interior design related so please do send me pics of your bedside tables! I am always looking for inspo!

-Rachel Natasha xxx





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