Mini Stationary Haul

Hello My Lovelies!!

I could not resist posting a mini haul on what I have brought recently! I am a self confessed stationary fiend!  I love notebooks, prints, pens THE LOT.

The majority of what I brought was from the super cute Etsy shop  which is run by fellow blogger Dorkface ( Who also runs the amazing group on twitter and other social media sites @TheGirlGangHQ. I fell in love with her Etsy shop so I thought I would share a few things I have brought 🙂


I LOVE these, they are so handy for bloggers to organise their time as well as looking so cute!

IMG_2134 stickers.jpg

IMG_2141 .jpg




I love the prints that I brought, I especially love the size (A5) which means I can do a collage of images on my wall. I actually brought a few more but they are already wrapped up for my friends for christmas!






The last thing I brought was a this stationary set from the Zoella home collection. I think pretty much everyone in the blogging world knows about Zoella and her home collection available in boots. I just love everything In the collection and could have probably brought everything if I could have carried it home! I love the colours, the quote on the front and the beautiful set of post it notes inside!




-Rachel Natasha xxx


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