Christmas Q&A: Collab with Lunareclypse

I cannot believe how close we are to Christmas wooooo! So me and the lovely Lizzie (Lunareclypse) have come together to create this Christmas Q&A! On my blog I shall be asking Lizzie questions, and on Lizzie’s blog I shall be answering her Christmas questions!!

Check out my Christmas Q&A answers on Lizzie’s Blog here

So lets begin…

1.What are your top 3 Christmas films?

It’s pretty cliche but I’ve got to say elf, love actually and the grinch 🙈. I definitely want to see some old classics this year though like it’s a wonderful life

2. Do you and your family have any Christmas Traditions?

On Christmas Eve me and my family usually go to church then when we get home we drink bottles and bottles of prosecco and Buck’s Fizz until we wake up hungover on Christmas Day! We then spend Christmas Day at home usually, playing board games, watching Christmas films and of course eating. And then on Boxing Day we always go out for a huge family meal to celebrate my sisters birthday 😊

3. What was your favorite present as a child?

The year which always really stood out to me was when I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a Nintendo ds or a dolls house for my main present. My mum told me Santa said I could only have one so I was really torn between the two. But on Christmas morning I ended up getting both and I was over the moon! So I would definitely say these were my favourite presents ever!

4. Fav part of Christmas Dinner?

It’s gotta be roast potatoes 😍

5. Real or artificial Christmas tree?

I always always want a real tree, but this year my tree is artificial and it breaks my heart 💔 hahah

6. Are you a neat wrapper, or a gift bag person?

I always start out wrapping Christmas presents beautifully with ribbons, bows and cute little name tags. But the more I do, the less patient I get and they end up just being shoved in a gift bag😂

7. Do you love or hate Christmas adverts?

LOVE. They make me feel so festive! Although I’ve got to say I’m not too pleased with the John Lewis one this year. I think they outdid themselves with the man on the moon!

8. What is the best part of christmas for you?

Hands down, the food. Christmas dinner, chocolate, ice cream, nuts, party food yummmm. Presents are irrelevant, I’m all for the food 😂.

9. What is the worst part of Christmas for you?

The worst part of Christmas for me is probably the second it’s over and then I know we have cold horrible January and February to endure 😫😂. But other than that, I love everything about Christmas!

10. What is on the top of your Christmas list this year?

For the first year ever I actually don’t have a Christmas list haha. I think as you get older, Christmas becomes less about the actual presents and more about spending time with family and friends. Although saying this, I’m sure Santa has got me some lovely surprises!


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