Bedroom Decor: Finishing Touches

I am obsessed with interior design and much to my mums grief, I change my bedroom ALL the time. I just love the decorating process, I’m a sucker for it!

I have recently finished decorating my bedroom and thought I would share what the top of my chest of drawers looks like. This is the main piece of furniture in my bedroom as I have such a tiny Harry Potter cupboard type situation. So this is the place where I base my main decorative focus.

I am loving very minimalist looks with neutrals mixed with golds and I think gold is such a great colour for this time of year with Christmas soon to be upon us. So this is the theme I have gone for.

bedroom decor copy.jpgFRAMED MIRROR: NEXT

I fell in LOVE with this framed Mirror from Next. I think its a real feature piece with the gold details. I like the neutral coloured frame and for a big piece, it looks perfect in my tiny room.

The Candles are from the lovely Zara Home. I am OBSESSED with Zara Home, if it wasn’t so expensive I think I would buy everything from there! I chose these Candles as I loved the gold texture in the first candle. I think the gold detail compliments the Framed Mirror very nicely. The Grey cementy looking candle behind is something I did not think I would love but I just fell in love with this one. I think the grey tones look great with the gold and I like the textured look it has rather than a block colour.



I was very 50/50 whether to put these vases from Next into this collection as I already owned them and wasn’t sure i they would go. However I think the grey and cream neutral tones go well overall and who doesn’t love a bit of pattern, right?


I hope this has given some inspiration if you are currently spending hours searching the internet on interior ideas (as I do on a weekly basis).

-Rachel Natasha


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