It’s Tea Time: I’m Back, Halloween season & New Job

FotorCreated its tea time

Long time no blog! Sorry for my absence on this blog! I’ve been busy with work and life stuff so I just couldn’t blog đŸ˜¦ Which makes me sad because I love consuming myself in a good blog post! So now that I have shook off the dust of my blog lets get into this weeks ‘It’s Tea Time’ My time to chat with you guys about anything in life right now. So basically, big news. I managed to bag a new job! I’m super excited but super nervous! My main aim was to be out of retail by Christmas and I cannot believe I actually did it. Christmas in retail is not the one. From working in retail, particularly at Christmas, I have gained so much respect for retail workers and all the crap we have to deal with during Christmas time! Last Christmas I was barley home, the only day I had off was Christmas day on the week of Christmas and working long 11 hour shifts in a busy kids department was pretty much a nightmare. So I am so happy to use my business course within an administration and marketing role! So I start next week so wish me luck! And good luck to any of you guys who are applying or are starting new jobs!

So, It’s, Halloween season and I’m loving it! I’m not normally and overly obsessed Halloween person, living in the UK we are not as Halloween crazy but I think it’s definitely getting bigger. So I haven’t carved a pumpkin yet but I have brought the cutest tiniest pumpkin.


I might try and do some more Halloweeny type posts so watch out for those! I’m really stuck on a Halloween costume this year, I want something a bit more creative then the usual ideas so if you have any suggestions please drop them in the comments I would love to hear your ideas!

Rachel Natasha xox


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