Eyelash problems

me with lashes lol

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to talk about eyelashes. I know that sounds really random but hear me out. My eyelashes are so frustrating, me and my mascara have daily fall outs as it fails to deliver my desired eyelash length. But that’s more to do with my eyelashes being so short that it is likely that no mascara will give me the volume I want. Anyone els feel my pain?


Now I have tried fake eyelashes but i suck at putting them on and I always fear they wont last the whole day and I’ll get half way through the day and look like I have a spider chilling on my eyelid.

I know lash extensions are also a possibility but I am to much of a wimp at the prospect they might go wrong and end up destroying any eyelashes I already have.

So whats your favorite mascara? I need help hehe!

-Rachel Natasha



2 thoughts on “Eyelash problems

  1. I’ve heard peptalash is a good product for making your eyelashes thicker! I haven’t tried it myself but love other Indeed Lab products and would definitely recommend them as a brand. I like Clinique mascaras although they are on the pricier side! Charlotte đŸ™‚

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