Weekly Wishlist: Knitwear, hipster books and a large fluffy ball.

weekly wish list 11) I feel the need to buy this cute tee from Topshop as it totally sums up my moto. Work hard & Be nice! Plus I really want some printed tops as I do not currently own any and their a super easy and casual wear.

2) So this is really late as I know a lot of bloggers and youtubers have read this book and not going to lie, it looks so cute and the content is said to be funny and an easy read. But, there is also some reviews stating its not worth a read and how terrible it is. So, my curisioty is making me want to purchase this book.

3) I am a lover of suede. My bags suede, I have over shoes in suede and I just love it. So I am eyeing up these really lovely shoes from Topshop, and the tassels are a m a z i n g.

4) Okay, so this one is kind of random but I am an absolute disaster when it comes to keys. My bag is my like the bag off of Mary Poppins and it usually takes me at least 5 minutes standing outside of my front door to find my keys. So, I thought this cute large fluffy keyring from Top Shop would be amazing and handy when finding my keys in my jungle of a bag. Hence, its on the wish list this week.

5) Autumn is here, and in England right now you can sure tell! Its pouring down with rain all week so its time to get in the winter knits! I love this cardigan from (yes you guessed it) Topshop. As you can tell i got carried away on their website. Anyway, the cardigan is lovely with nude colors and a block of black. And, if it has stripes I’m sold!

Thanks for reading this new Weekly Wishlist!

– Rachel Natasha



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