It’s Tea Time: Educating Rachel

me with tea

me with tea two

Hello everyone! Its Tea time again where I have a deep chat with you guys and waffle on about something. So I wanted to bring up education. Like I know boring right? But its something that I have been thinking about this week. I finished my college course this summer and I have increased my hours at work and feel really odd about not being in any form of education at the moment. From my GCSE’s I went straight into A levels and then collage where I studied a Business HND. What is a HND? well its a Higher National Diploma and in simple terms, its basically the first two years of Uni. So I had the option to do my ‘Top up year’ which is basically skipping to the final year of Uni to make it a degree. But my life was so busy with various things I took the decision to have a gap year from education, and I’m not going to lie, I miss it!

I’ve always loved school. Yes there was moments when I hated getting up early, dealing with some annoying teachers and some class mates could be a pain in the ass! But overall I liked trying to accomplish good grades and school had an amazing support network. Full of friends and teachers who cared about your well being and education. Plus, not going to lie, most of the time it was just a great laugh! So naturally i progressed to A levels and then it was the dreaded time to leave the comforts of school and start college.College was also fun and it went far to quick for my liking!

So what are your opinions on education? Being a bit older now (and when I say older I mean not a teenager), I feel education is really important. When your at school it is so easy to get wrapped up in the social side of things and yes this is also a really important part of growing up and learning life lessons, but not wasting your education is also important. Most of us are lucky to live in the comfortable world where we are giving education on a plate for us served with teachers, who believed it or not, want to support you.

So this brings me on to a brand that really inspired me to write today. Wright and Carter is a fashion brand created my two creative and lovely 17 year old girls and they have partnered up with educate 2 envision, a charity supporting girls education. Now I think is pretty cool and something that should be supported. Wright and Carter have not contacted me, this is not sponsored, just thought I would share something that is pretty amazing for two 17 year old’s to be involved with. So this is their website Go check them out and their beautiful jewelry pieces! Their really cool and you can even design every piece by choosing the stones so everything is original.

So just a note to close on, if you are in education, embrace it. If not, thats ok the world needs different talents to.

-Rachel Natasha



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