Pretty Little Liars 6A TAG

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Ok so I am a total PLL (Pretty Little Liars) addict and obsessive. I literally have been obsessed with the show since I was at school. I didn’t start watching completely at the start i think it was about 4 and a half years ago now but I have been hooked ever since! So the PLL 6A Tag was created by the lovely maddy scribbles, link is as follows

So here are my answers to the pll tag 🙂

1 Were you happy with the A reveal in the finale?

I really hate having to say this…but no. I wasn’t happy really and yes I was a pro Wren is Charles supporter so I would have been more happier if this was the case, but to be totally honest with you, it wasn’t about the who it was everything else. Season 5 finale ‘Welcome to the dollhouse’ was EPIC! My favorite episode ever! It was creepy, scary, original and the Charles story line looked like it was going to be deep and interesting. Season 6 was a bit slow but I still enjoyed it and was sooo excited for the finale. But the finale for me was rushed and lack luster. The plot holes were terrible, I could forgive some things not adding up as the show has been on the a long time but some of the plot holes were so bad it kind of made the past episodes pointless. Also, Cece’s character just lacked A’ness if that makes sense. A was a devious person and Cece was portrayed as some one perfectly normal and innocent who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She lacked conviction. And Sarah Harvey as redcoat and black widow was annoying. But on a positive note, I thought the flash backs were really touching when Charles was a child and it was a good story line, I just wished it wasn’t so rushed. Anyway, Rant over.

2. Who did you want to be A?

I did want Wren to be A. As he has been in it from the start and had intimate relationships with a few of the liars I think it would have been more heartbreaking and emphasized the lines of betrayal if he was A. I also wanted A to be a guy, as I think it would have been different and slightly creepier.

3. What is the number one question you want answered that was not answered in the finale?

Hmmm I have two, who Killed Mrs D? And why the efff was Wren so shady!

4. What was your favorite moment from Season 6A?

My favorite moment was probably when they escaped from the dollhouse. It was just so intense and full of emotions, and I nearly cried (sad, I know). However, this is closely followed by Emily punching Shower Harvey (Sara) In the face. This redeemed Emily a little for me.

5. Did you have a least favorite moment?

Probably when Sara Harvey was revealed as Red coat and Black Widow, for me it was a last minute rushed idea. And giving that character two of the most speculated identities was a little bit of a slap in the face to me.

6. What did you think of the 5 years later?

I actually don’t know what to think as it is so alien for PLL. I think it will either be epic or a bit boring, but I am hopeful.

7. Who do you think “he” is?

I highly doubt it will be because of the high speculation around this character, but I would really like Wren to be the ‘he’ as he was pretty sketchy in seaosn 4 and I want this to be explained. I hope its not a new character! I would be more than happy if it was an old character like Noel or even Andrew because at least there may be some relevance.

8. Who will get married in Season 7?

Well from the promo of season 6B i’m pretty sure its Hanna, but the question is to who? I’ve never been one to get really into shipping the couples but after this last season if Haleb are not together I think it will be a great shame as they are so good together! Caleb is deffo marriage material after the season finale!


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