Autumn clothing Haul: OASIS


Autumn fashion (or ‘Fall’ if your from the lovely USA) is my favorite. I love the transition into winter wearing beautiful scalfs and faux fur coats, as well as the beautiful autumn colors of burgundy, deep purples, greens and monochrome prints. Not to mention the comfy yet fabulous knitwear. I just love it. So here is my first installment of my fav fashion time of year. I was naughty the other week and purchased some really cute items on the OASIS website, and I have to say I am chuffed with them. I’n not a fashionista, just a girl who loves clothes so I thought I would share đŸ™‚

blog oasis haul

So, I took one look at these shoes and was like ‘I NEED THEM’ there super cute and perfect for autumn as its not too late to wear open shoes without being absolutely freezing. I love the bow and the pointed toe and thought they would go with everything because of the color. They completely transform an outfit and would recommend them to everyone! The leggings have a monochrome print on and I think i may buy millions of these leggings with slightly different prints because they are just so cute and comfy! Finally, the top is  really comfy and light weight in a beautiful deep green color. I love this color for autumn and the embellished neck is just so autumn/winter I just love it. I think you can wear this top on a causal day but also dress it up if you wanted to for an evening so I love the flexibility of it!

strippy top better oasis

This is just so me. One word….stripes. I cannot get enough of stripes my wardrobe is full of them! but how could i resist this comfy jersey top with detailed denim sleeves? Well, I couldn’t so i brought it!

I hope you have enjoyed readying and maybe take a trip to the OASIS website to, they have some super cute clothing. (This is not a sponsored post i just love some of their pieces!)

Thanks for reading!

–  Rachel Natasha


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