It’s Tea Time: Stress of retail

tea clock

It’s Tea Time is my weekly post where I have a deep chat with you guys about my life. My dad has been moving house and I have been unboxing some of his things and I found this cute little vintage clock, i’m a sucker for a bit of vintage, who isn’t? So thought it would be an appropriate picture for this blog post. I’m currently snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. How British of me. So where is this post going Rachel? Well I wanted to touch on how drained I am from working in retail and how relived I am to be sitting down in the comfort of my own home with a cuppa! I am currently working in a British Department store (I won’t disclose which one so I can keep my job), and its bloody tough! Now I cannot complain, I have a job. Further to that I’m not in a terrible unhealthy working atmosphere, but if you too work in retail you will totally get what I mean. Working in retail can be tough not only do you have to cope with moaning managers about KPI targets every 5 seconds (store cards, partner cards, emails, I’m sure every retail worker has this in some form). But moaning customers and their outrageous attitudes who are to wrapped up in being rude to me they neglect to realize their child is knocking my toy stand onto the floor. Now who should be mad in this situation! Now just a disclaimer, I am a naturally polite person. I cannot be rude to someone even if they deserve it. I am so afraid of confrontation I am always extra nice to every customer to ensure that I am giving good service to avoid people like this. But there is no escape. No matter how nice you are some customers are just incredibly rude and immediately go in with an attitude, like we are just employed to be spoken to like shit. Anyway, rant over. Who says blogging can’t be a form of therapy? If any of you lovely people out their work in retail I just want to say thanks for doing an amazing job and keep going!

-Rachel Natasha


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